Welcome to the The Window Gallery Chelmsford

The Window Gallery Chelmsford was set up in June 2018 to give local artists a space to display their work.  Since then, we have displayed an exhibition of local artwork every month since then. Lockdowns resulted in us adapting to virtual exhibitions for  a while which are available on YouTube.

Unfortunatley, we will be closing down at the beginning of March 2022. We have had a fantastic time, we have laughed, we have cried and we have thwacked our thumbs with a hammer more times than we care to remember. I would like to extend a huge thankyou firstly to the art lovers who have stopped by to take a look. Secondly, to supportive friends and family who have made this little adventure possible. Most importantly to all of the artists who have displayed their work in the gallery.

You can check out all of our past shows here.

Current Exhibition at the Gallery

This month in the Window Gallery is the characterful cardboard cut out work of local artist Sketchy Bushell

Available to view in the gallery on Broomfield Road until the end of February 2022⁠.
Check out our Instagram feed across the month for an interview with the artist.