The Making of The Window Gallery

April to June 2018

Creating the Window Gallery

April 2018. The making of the Window Gallery started with a spark of inspiration and an unused shop. The paint was peeling, the windows were covered in a decade of old sellotape and there was a thick layer of grime on everything, in other words, a real mess!

The Window Gallery before it was the Window Gallery

April 2018. A lot of difference was made by adding a black cloth as back drop and lots of elbow grease to get the windows cleaned up. It dawned on me at this point how much work there was to do.

Creating the Window Gallery - Primer

May 2018. I sanded the whole exterior and it was certainly looking better and ready to be primed. I bought and painted some OSB boards from B&Q and made some stands. Turns out that it’s a bit wonky and I’ll have to rethink.

A progress shot of the Window Gallery as it goes from disused shop to attractive art space.

May 2018. It looks so much better with a couple of coats of black paint. I’ve still got to sort those boards out though!

Creating the Window Gallery

June 2018. I finally got hold of some masonry paint to freshen up the brick work. In addition to this, some friends helped to put up a simple but effective wooden hoarding over the old sign. Most importantly, we are ready for art!

Creating the Window Gallery

May 2018. I really love how the simple black and white of the gallery creates a blank canvas for the art to be displayed. However, I couldn’t help adding a little bit of pattern to the step by hand painting the tiles.

Finishing touches as the Window Gallery gets converted from a disused shop to an attractive art space.

June 2018. I put the numbers up on the hoarding which felt like the icing on the cake.

The Grand Opening

Creating the Window Gallery

June 2018. Adding the finishing touches to the first ever Window Gallery exhibition. Ian Bailey even printed up a Window Gallery t-shirt for me!

Artists and art lovers gathering at the Window Gallery for the opening night

 June 2018. People start to show up on opening night.

A look at our first ever Window Gallery exhibition in June 2018

June 2018. Our first ever exhibition at the Window Gallery was a great success. Since then we have hosted a new exhibition of local artists every month. You can see all of our past exhibitions here.

Beyond The Making of the Window Gallery

Window Gallery 2020 Art Calendar

December 2019. With big plans for improvement I put together a 2020 Art Calendar to raise some funds. As of January 2020 only 3 are left in the online shop.

Our original hand painted tiles were beginning to look a bit worn so we found some suitable tiles to replace them.

More improvements are planned for 2020, watch this space!

Number Crunching

We display a new exhibition in the window every month and have had 22 exhibitions…and counting.

Since opening the Window Gallery in June 2018 we have hosted the work of 102 local artists.

546 artworks have been displayed in the window … or there abouts!

Virtual Exhibitions
As a response to Covid-19 we are holding virtual exhibitions.