May 2020 – Writtle University Design Students Exhibition

Our featured artists for May 2020 were the students of Landscape Architecture and Garden Design from Writtle University College. Their virtual exhibition, interview and pictures are also on facebook page

Project: The Moonlight Garden: A conceptual student project, inspired by the moon in all its guises.

Course Leaders at Writtle said: We started teaching Garden Design over 30 years ago and this has diversified into our Landscape Architecture programme.

We help students develop artistic ideas, skills and creativity, applying this to gardens for both people and nature, where artistic ideas take place in real space and time.

Garden design and garden designers have changed a lot since we started teaching it over 30 years ago. Previously it seemed to belong in the realm of hobby gardeners and DIY water-features, while simultaneously as status symbols for the elite, yet never much in-between.

Nowadays, with the realisation that quality outdoor spaces can improve health and wellbeing, and that both designers and their clients can make a real contribution to mitigating climate change,there’s great appeal to the idea of garden design as a profession.

Our students are inspired by many things, art, architecture, poetry, science, behavioural psychology! The project we are sharing here used moonlight as a conceptual start point to explore these ideas.

There’s always something to inspire garden designers; the clients, the site, concepts, landscape and garden theories, abstract ideas, ideas that can be explored through drawing, model-making and digital technologies. We run lots of workshops for students, have regular visits from artists and designers, as well as curriculum that is centred around ideas generation.

We have dedicated design studios and arts facilities at Writtle plus our fantastic gardens. Both art and design students create environmental artwork in the grounds and in the studios.

Our courses run throughout the academic year, from September to May. Students also develop design journals as part of their studies so creative work can continue over the summer.

Our students’ work has been exhibited all over the world, from close to home in Chelmsford and London, all the way to South Korea, at garden design shows, art exhibitions, design competitions and for public consultation in real design projects.

The WUC Design Degree Show launched at 12pm on Wednesday 27th May. You can access the students work here: