Bobo the Zombie Clown


Bobo The Clown – Flipping Zombie Doll

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Bobo the Clown Zombie Doll has had a funny old day at the circus.

Flipping Zombies flip inside out to turn into hideous, brain-hungry zombies… in the apocalypse eventually everybody flips!

The clown dolls are approx 13″ tall and come in a cotton candy bag with a toe tag. Bobo has fluffy colourful clown hair and emits an enchanting giggle when you squeeze his head!

Flipping Zombies have been designed and made in the UK since 2012. They are the brainchild of a strange girl with a love for all things macabre. Other Flipping Zombies Zombie Dolls are available at Flipping Zombies.

Price includes packing and shipping in the UK.

Check out the photos of the Flipping Zombies exhibition at the Window Gallery December 2019.