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Fineliner & Coloured Pencil

Pearl of Thunder


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Bumblebee is part of Pearl of Thunder’s illustration series called ‘Insecta’.

Pearl Of Thunder (A.K.A Charlotte) specialises in intricate hand-drawn illustrations. She uses traditional mediums such as fine liner and coloured pencil. She also creates bespoke pet portraits for clients. Her love of the natural world and scientific natural history define her main working practice. Through this, Charlotte aims to educate and raise awareness of conservation and welfare of the diverse species we share our planet with.

Charlotte says: “The Bumblebee is one of the UK’s favourite and most common insects. They are larger than honeybees and as such, are very important pollinators to fruits, plants and flowers. I have created a series of illustration called ‘Insecta’. People often overlook a lot of British insects. The series aims to bring awareness to the natural beauty and detail of insects in which we share our parks, gardens and rural spaces”.

Charlotte had her NUA Degree show in 2018. She has also exhibited with Just Imagine Illustrators Group. Window Gallery hosted Charlotte’s beautiful illustrations in August 2018. Unfortunately, there are no surviving images of this gorgeous solo exhibition due to a lost phone.

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